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Bishop David W.Grayson Jr. is a humble servant of the Lord who has a passion for God and His people.

Born March 21, 1971 in Brooklyn, NY, he is the eldest son to Bishop David W.Grayson Sr, & Lady Delores Grayson. He accepted the Lord and was filled with the Holy Ghost at the age of 18. Shortly after, he enrolled in the O.M. Kelly/F.D. Washington Religious Institute. At the age of 19 he accepted his call to ministry and was licensed in 1990 and later ordained in June 1990.

God was preparing Elder Grayson Jr to serve as Co-Pastor of the Christian Cathedral COGIC with his father who is the founder, in Memphis TN. in 1991. He then went on in 1992 to pastor the Christian Sanctuary COGIC in East Memphis. The Lord led Elder Grayson back to the city of New York, December of 1992.┬áIn 1995 he was installed pastor of the Temple of Blessings COGIC. known today as Temple of Blessings Family Worship Center where he yet serves as it’s leader.

Bishop Grayson has received numerous awards,citations, and certificates by city leaders for his outstanding leadership in the community. Many souls have come to Christ through his ministry.

Bishop Grayson functions in each area of the five- fold ministry. He is an Apostle,Prophet,Evangelist,Pastor and Teacher.(Ephesians 4:11) He has touched the lives of many who were lost in their sins,depressed,sick,broke and needing deliverance from terrible habits. He believes that Jesus is a habit breaker.

Bishop Grayson believes that every believer should live a blessed and prosperous life. Prosperous in your health and wealth even as your soul prospers.

Bishop Grayson is a graduate of Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School and later attended LeMoyne Owen College in Memphis TN. He is also a devoted husband and proud father. He is married to his wife of 19 years, Pastor Monique Grayson, and the father of two wonderful children, Diamond L.Grayson and David W Grayson III.

Bishop David W Grayson Jr. embraces the spiritual calling of Our Lord and is committed to fulfilling the purpose and the will that Jesus Christ has for his life.