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Temple of Blessings, formerly known as Inspirational Baptist Church of God in Christ, Grayson Temple and Temple of Blessings Church of God in Christ (COGIC) was birthed into existence in 1969 by the now Bishop David W. Grayson, Sr. with his loving and dedicated wife, Delores, right by his side.

Being the visionary leader that he has always been, Dr. Grayson as he was known back then, sought and found a building located at 2729 Fulton Street, between Bradford and Wyona Streets, in the East New York section of Brooklyn, New York to launch this brand new ministry. He sacrificed his own personal gains to remodel and modernize this property into a beautiful House of Worship. He gave of himself to make certain that the church had the necessities to win souls to Christ. He promoted the gospel of Jesus Christ in this area of New York by street witnessing, print materials, and door to door communications. Before long, neighborhood children and adults would be seen coming through the doors to Sunday School and Morning Worship where you could hear the phenomenal music ministry and preached Word.

It was in 1972 that the Lord laid it upon the Pastor’s heart to relocate the church to a more populated area of Brooklyn. He purchased an old, run-down, burnt out Jewish Yeshiva located at 400 Stone Avenue (now known as Mother Gaston Boulevard) in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn; and, in May of 1973, Grayson Temple relocated into what became a beautiful landmark on Stone Avenue. Dr. Grayson has always been an entrepreneur and an advocate for educating the minds of young African-American children. The Stone Avenue site also housed the Inspirational Pre-School of Education which employed many of the members and community persons. The congregation grew by leaps and bounds through media ministry, revivals with renowned evangelist from around this nation, street witnessing, and outdoor services.

Grayson Temple was known for its music ministry. Dr. Grayson always employed some of New York’s greatest musicians including Professor Butch Heyward, the now Bishop J. C. White, Brother Sidney Grayson, Min. Michael Gramby, the late Professors Alfred White and John Hason, and so many others. These musicians and directors spent countless hours perfecting the music ministry of Grayson Temple causing many of the youth of Brownsville to become attracted to Grayson Temple and so much more that the church had to offer. The ministry of Dr. Grayson spread from New York to the hills of North Carolina where he established Grayson Temple COGIC in Durham in 1975.

In 1976 after a most devastating fire, Grayson Temple was forced to relocate to 1237 Eastern Parkway, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, to the building formerly known as the Madie Payton Home. The church once again began to bloom as God added to the church daily. Soon, this site became much too small for this booming congregation. It was during this season in the life of Grayson Temple that the Lord led Dr. Grayson to change the name of the church to Temple of Blessings COGIC. With the same zest and zeal, he found and purchased property located at 913 Nostrand Avenue on the corner of Montgomery Street.

After a few months of usage as a catering hall, the church had much need of the building for worship. An avid interior decorator, Dr. Grayson remodeled the building into an adoring edifice for the Lord and His people. Many of our students from Inspirational Day Care Centers, now known as Kiddie Kollege Preschool, along with their parents found a place of healing and deliverance by attaching themselves not only to the school but also to the Church.

It was also during this time that, Dr. Grayson established one of the first predominantly African-American Private, Parochial Elementary Schools in the City of New York in the year of 1980. Temple of Blessings continued to strive for excellence in the many area and programs were established by this genius of a man.

The youth of the church were inspired not only through the Young People’s Willing Workers and Sunday School but also by the recreational aspect of the ministry. Fun Foods, a Christian entertainment center owned and operated by the church, became a hot spot for the youngsters of TOB. After services or rehearsals, you would see them race off down Nostrand Avenue to Fun Foods to play the many games offered as well as indulge themselves in the delicious ‘FUN FOODS’ that would appease their budding appetites.

Fast forward to the year of 1986, the now Overseer Grayson heard the voice of God inspiring him to build Him a house in his hometown. Whoever heard of a church building going up from the ground in crowded Crown Heights, never mind on the landmark area of Eastern Parkway? Overseer Grayson heeded the call and challenges against the voices of the naysayers and built this beautiful, spacious edifice in the once parking lot of the Maydie Payton Home.

In May of 1987, Temple of Blessings Church of God in Christ was dedicated for service to the Master by the honorable, Jurisdictional Bishop and Second Assistant Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., His Grace, The Right Reverend Frederick Douglas Washington…the final church that he dedicated before the Lord called him home. What an auspicious occasion that was to see Bishops from far and near including General Board Member and former Presiding Bishop Chandler David Owens, Supervisors, Pastors, Elders, Politicians including the now Borough President of Brooklyn, Marty Markowitz, and numerous friends witness the miracle on Eastern Parkway.

BISHOP DAVID W. GRAYSON, SR. wrote the vision and he made it plain upon the tablets of time…TEMPLE OF BLESSINGS FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER still stands as a beacon light in the community of Crown Heights as 1231 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY…the Devine Work of a man with a vision. In January of 1995 after much prayer, Bishop Grayson turned the reigns of responsibility of Pastoral ship to his eldest son and namesake, the then, Elder David W. Grayson, Jr.

It is now through the leadership of the now Bishop David W. Grayson, Jr. that the legacy of Temple of Blessing now flows…destined for greatness. It is truly a TEMPLE OF BLESSINGS!!!