Temple Of Blessings Brooklyn. You Are Welcome Here.

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The Temple Of Blessings Family Worship Center is a pentecostal church that is actively engaged in serving the will of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We strive to build strong and prosperous families that can bask in light of Christ and live as He would have us live. Our very reason for existence is to obey the commands of Our Lord and to inspire thousands upon thousands into His flock.

Every family that we bring into the fold,every family that we help prosper,is one more member of our one,large family. This universal family and each one of its members have a story about Jesus of their own. A story of their journey unto Christ, a story of love, of passion and of compassion,or a story of grief and of pain, and then salvation and redemption – and each one is a story about a relationship with Jesus, whether old or brand new.

The Temple of Blessings is based in Brooklyn, New York and aims to establish churches all around the city and eventually, across the breadth of the United States. Our Ministries include a Men’s Ministry and a Women’s Ministry as well as a Youth Ministry. We have Sunday School for Children and an Adult Sunday School.

At the Temple Of Blessings, we exist to serve, and serve we will! We believe the teachings of Jesus Christ are still relevant, even in the 21st century,and we prove that every single day through our efforts in the Lord’s name.

Come and be our honored guest this Sunday. We have no dress code. Some dress up and some dress down. Our 2 hour service is power packed with Praise, Worship and The Word. And don’t worry we won’t ask you to stand or point you out to everybody but will treat you with love and kindness.